Monthly Archives: September 2013

Nexus Media Importer Problem Resolution Steps

If Nexus Media Importer is not working in Nexus Tablet follow below steps. 1.Install Nexus Media Importer or Nexus Photo Viewer 2.Under Security -> Lock Screen. Select None 3.Under Accessibility -> Auto-rotate screen. Make sure it is NOT checked 4.Under Language and input -> English (United States),[this step is very important! OTG function will not […]

Grant Oracle user to access oracle table

We can grant all oracle objects from one user to another user by below package CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE GRANT_ORACLE_TABLES(FROM_USER VARCHAR2,TO_USER VARCHAR2) IS BEGIN FOR tab IN (SELECT table_name FROM   all_tables WHERE  owner = FROM_USER) LOOP EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ‘GRANT ALL ON ‘||tab.table_name||’ TO ‘||TO_USER; END LOOP; END; If you want to grant only one objects […]