My first Oracle cloud application using oracle cloud trail account

I have tested Oracle cloud application using oracle cloud trail account.Steps are given below

1.go to, login with your OTN account and request a trial period.need credit card for verification, but it will not get charged.

2.Download Oracle SQL Developer from below link

3.To start SQL Developer, run sqldeveloper.exe.

4.Log in to APEX.
Once we are logged into APEX we need to create a user for the SQL Developer connection. Click on the “Administration” tab, and choose “Manage Users and Groups”. Click on the “Create User” button, and create a user.choose “SQL Developer” under user groups:

sql developer group





5.Launch SQL Developer locally.Under Connections, add new Cloud Connections like below

sql developer could connection








6.Transferring tables and data to your cloud database.From SQL Developer, click View.Select cart.after drag table into the cart,Deploy Cloud icon at the top left of the Cart window.

sql developer could connection cart




7.Creating a REST webservice.Inside APEX navigate to SQL Workshop->RESTful Services.

restful services





8.Click the create button and fill out the form details.add below code under the Resource Template source.

my_id number:=:id;
my_name varchar2(100):=:name;
insert into rpt_test_std
values (my_id,my_name);
sys.htp.title(‘Student addition’);
sys.htp.print(‘Student added’);


restful services code








9.Test the service. Click the “Set Bind Variables” button.

restful services code test










10.Click on test button.Student added message will come into a page.


you can get the help from below oracle website links


Happy programming.


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