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Configure MS SQL SERVER,MY SQL,MS ACCESS to run from Oracle SQL Developer

We can execute MS SQL SERVER,MY SQL,MS ACCESS from Oracle SQL Developer.Steps are given below Oracle SQL Developer from below link 2.Oracle connection We can connect oracle by Host Name,Port and SID or by TNS details.                     3.MY SQL Server connection a.need to download […]

Random numbers using oracle query

create 10 random numbers between 1 and 99 using below query SELECT R FROM (SELECT R FROM (SELECT ROWNUM R FROM ALL_OBJECTS WHERE ROWNUM < 100) ORDER BY DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE) WHERE ROWNUM <= 10;

Db Links creation using TNS in oracle all db links from oracle using below statement select db_link from user_db_links; 2.db link creation statement is below CREATE DATABASE LINK prod_link CONNECT TO test_user IDENTIFIED BY test_pass USING ‘(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=( ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=test_server)(PORT=1521))) (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=test_db)))’ 3.Table data using db link select * from t@prod_link;   Enjoy!

How to stop and run Oracle MVIEWS

Run the select query to run all jobs select * from user_jobs; Need to get the JOB job column and execute: begin dbms_job.broken(50,TRUE);–change the correct job number in place of 50 commit; end; This will stop MVIEW to auto refresh. to refresh the mviews again we have to use below code begin;–change the correct […]